Friday, 8 February 2008

thursday afternoon doodle

thursday afternoon doodle
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I've decided to venture into doing some more card designs after the success of the Christmas card collection. I'm playing around with images which I'm putting on Flickr as I go along, and hopefully will have them in my shop for easter.


Francesca said...

thanks for your comment vicky. lovely bags in your etsy shop by the way, i especially like your pleats and buttons shoppers.
i may also have some dates for your craft market blog...i'll get back to you. great idea by the way.

Creating Cupcakes said...

Your blog is fantastic! Great Illustration style.

naomi said...

Love your blog and your etsy shop. Great to see someone with such obvious talent using it so well. You have a very appealing style.

Artworks said...

Wow, thanks for finding me and as a result, me now finding you. Love your work. Will enjoy having a look through when I get more time. I am doing a range of cards too (although very different to yours. And I gotta say, I love little clotheslines too :)